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  • Church Unplugged


    This book gives an essential framework for creating church in the twenty-first century. It is a call to think and work outside the box of recent church in bold and risk-taking ways. Through telling the story of one of the first 'fresh expressions of church' in England, the Net in Huddersfield, this book examines the key issues related to a future of mission, evangelism, church and community. It is an honest account which examines not just the ups but also the downs and clearly shows what the church learnt about community and how being community is never easy. 'Practical, personal and honest. The story of The Net is told to encourage others to have a go. If you're thinking about it, read this book.'

    James Lawrence , Director, CPAS Arrow Leadership Programme


  • Evaluating Fresh Expressions


    This book consists of 12 essays by a variety of writers evaluating the contemporary fresh expressions movement. The questions they pose are both theological and practical while the contributors are both positive and critical of what is happening. Dave Male has written one of the chapters ,'Who are fresh expressions really for? Do they really reach the unchurched?' In it he explores whether what is being created are more like fresh expressions of worship for disgruntled Christians rather than new forms of Christian communities expressly designed to connect with unchurched people. '

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    Evaluating Fresh Expressions